Our approach

We work across all types of industries, mainly with midsize companies. What we have in common with our clients is that we all are ambitious and passionate business leaders. We are not satisfied with status-quo and we seek to challenge it together with our clients. We think and act like business owners, who look at our client’s business from a CEO’s perspective.

We analyse the enterprise within its dynamic and competitive environment, and always look across borders, cultures and limitations with strategic eyes. Our client can benefit from our wide strategic insight and apply tactics and strategies that we develop together to reach the set goals.

We fully customise our approach and recommendations for each client. We help our clients decide where they want to go with their business and show them how they can fully realise this goal. More, we help our clients to get there by transforming their decisions into actions that are manageable also further into the future. We suggest innovations in management practices to our clients and build their capabilities to sustain improvement.

What makes us special

We provide our clients with our extensive experience in varied industries and consider existing business models, develop new business models and coach the transitions. We help to uncover and develop critical success factors and competitive advantages. We focus on new product development and innovation, new market entrance and commercial expansion, defining strategic marketing and sales strategies and their plans, and the streamlining of supply chains.

We combine our strategic marketing vision with an extensive cultural and commercial knowledge based on our long-term experiences in Europe, China and Turkey. We use our rich insights and experience in brand management, strategic marketing and sales expansion in our quest for understanding new trends and market developments. These form the foundation on which we build the strategies that are essential for survival and success in today’s highly competitive and globalising market.

We perform opportunity analysis for our clients that support their new product development and innovation, and guides their new market entrance and international commercial expansion. We define the management strategies of our clients and their roadmaps, transforming their business models to create profitable and sustainable competitive advantages. We focus today especially on developing the right strategies for successfully doing business in the largest commercial market in the world, the European Union.